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Welcome to MAFF Market Forum 2015 

I am proud to welcome you to the first edition of the MAFF Market Forum (MMF) launching in parallel with the 5th edition of Malmo Arab Film Festival. The MMF is a unique platform between the Nordic and the Arab film industries providing opportunities and introducing initiatives to facilitate distribution and co-productions. The initiative is designed to promote cultural exchange and cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Arab world in the area of film. The goal is to bring together producers, financiers and film professionals through informative and practical program activities, pitching venues, network sessions and much more. We see this initiative as a natural process for the festival, to promote collaboration to foster a greater diversity in the area of film. Through collaboration with significant institutes and organizations from both the Nordic and the Arab countries we are presenting an extensive and beneficial experience to our participants. We are honored to have established a wide, diverse and professional list of representatives in the MMF’s first edition and look forward to seeing the tangible results that will be produced.

Welcome to MAFF Market Forum 2015!

Mouhamad Keblawi
General Manager
Malmö, Sweden 2015